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About Us

We build brands that reflect the richness of the world and the people in it. 

We believe that brands with depth, emotion and meaning are more distinctive, more relevant and more buyable. 

Our fused disciplines of creativity and strategy unlocks new thinking, engages audiences and brings people together.  

Ultimately creating a richer brand experience expressed consistently across touch-points.

Life is rich. Brands should be too.





Nikola Maravic | Global Marketing Director

“I have found HMc very helpful in establishing a clear role and distinction for our brands. Their structured approach and vibrant creativity have resulted in a meaningful set of innovation opportunities. Above all, they made it possible for the entire sales and marketing team to come together and align on portfolio roles and priorities as well as our future growth opportunities.”

Anne Sofie Kyed | Global Innovation Director

“I have been working with HMc to develop a positioning for a new brand and category. Throughout, their creative flair and strategic thinking has been at the heart of their work, which has resulted in a truly motivating positioning aligned across key Carlsberg regions.”

Alex O’Rouke | Director of Innovation

“HMc helped me define and set up a pipeline planning process for Fever-Tree, their strategic approach and consumer tools helped guide the process and ensured we had all the right inputs and were asking the right questions. A clear and considered set of recommendations were brought to life by inspiring concept territories, backed by robust consumer, competitor and business insight. The conversations the work facilitated were invaluable in shaping the future direction of the business. I wouldn’t hesitate recommend them or use them again.”

Jonathan Stordy | International Managing Director

“HMc were pivotal in helping us look across key San Miguel markets in Europe to uncover a genuine consumer insight which lead to a breakthrough positioning.”

Jessica Worley | Head of Spirits & Near Beer

“I have worked with Haines McGregor for over 10 years as they deliver a unique blend of thinking and creativity. The tools and techniques they have developed, combine the rigour of strategic thinking with the creative flair necessary to help me identify new and motivating positionings for brands.”

Jeremy Lindley | Global Design Director

“Haines McGregor provide a unique combination of consumer insight, strategic thinking and creative design. You can often find these skills in different agencies, it is rare to get them all under one roof.”

Matthew Walker | Global Brand Director

“During the start of the Covid crisis, our project was at jeopardy and subsequent workshops impossible.  HMc were quickly able to flip to a virtual format and engage a disparate team.  This involved setting local market missions, virtual check-ins and running virtual workshop sprints to ensure the project progressed with the right inputs, people & outcomes.”


Alicia Jitaru | Brand Director

“I have been working with Haines McGregor on one of our biggest and most strategic innovations and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. I was extremely impressed with the high level of expertise of the team, made of seasoned professionals, their strong and swift understanding of the exact needs of their clients and their extreme agility being able to deliver complex innovations and insights in record timings. I highly recommend Haines McGregor to anyone looking to take their marketing and innovation projects to the next level.”

Airlie Cameron | European Innovation Manager

“I worked with Haines McGregor on a number of projects across our natural Petcare portfolio. They were a crucial partner in developing innovation concepts across a number of brands in the UK & France. I was really impressed with the team’s agility, understanding of our needs and the pet care category. They provided a new way of thinking when it came to innovation and positioning. I would highly recommend working with them in the future.”