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‘It’s like double art on a Friday afternoon’
This was how a client once described what having a meeting with HMc was like for them as they looked at their diary full of meetings. We love it as a description.

We often remind ourselves how lucky we are to be working with the brands we do and the industry we’re in. Amid the stresses and strains of the everyday it can be easy to forget. But we get to build brands, which we think is one of the best jobs in the world. And we want working with us to be a constant reminder of that.

We want to always bring a sense of joy to what we do. This is why collaboration is a key part of our day to day as a team, as we use a fusion of creativity and strategy with each piece of work. But it’s also a huge part of how we approach each project with our clients. Whether it’s working together with their team to hone a positioning, workshopping to get to brilliant innovation or collaborating around a category strategy.

If you want to be part of the journey as we build richer brands, and partner with some of the world’s biggest brands, see our job openings below and get in touch!


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