As Creative Strategists, we need big ideas – often. 

And not just any ideas. Brand-fate changing ideas. 

But those ideas never come from staring at blank slides or doom scrolling Linkedin.

Our inspiration comes from the outside in. We learn from popular culture, different disciplines and even chatting to our uber drivers. 

Our go-to hack? Podcasts. Great ideas really can come from anywhere. Be it an analysis of the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics, a Ted Talk about song-writing or a celebrity interview with an artist.

So be a culture-sponge. Absorb all the weird and wonderful stuff out there. We promise it will only make life easier and your work – more enjoyable!

We’re sharing our teams’ favourite podcasts below. Happy listening.

How to fail

Paula finds her success in How to Fail, a podcast presented by author and journalist Elizabeth Day. Elizabeth’s guests range from fellow authors, politicians, actors and business leaders. They discuss what they’ve learnt from their failures, which shines a light on how important failure is when learning how to succeed across innovation, business and self-development.

99% Invisible 

Will is inspired by what we don’t notice. 99% Invisible, provides an eye-opening insight into the hidden world of product, architectural and system design, often taken for granted in our everyday lives.

Ted Talks Daily 

Viv is energized by a Ted Talk and walk. She finds their thought-provoking ideas on just about every subject the ideal solution to get her mind whirring. The weirder, the better!

Straight Outta Cobham 

Tash finds inspiration from a left-field source… when it comes to internal culture and teams, great ideas strike from her favourite sports podcast. Analysing management strategy and on-field tactics gets her thinking about leadership, collaboration and the definition of success

The High Performance

Katie is supercharged by stories of high achievers. Led by both a journalist and a psychologist, this raw and emotional podcast uncovers the non-negotiable behaviours successful people have employed to get them to the top. 

The Tim Ferris Show

Jamie enjoys Tim Ferris’s interviews for endlessly interesting conversation and brain stimulation. He covers fascinating topics from psychedelics and fitness all the way through to investing and productivity giving plenty of food for thought.