Time is money. Health is wealth. The snack is back.

The snacking category is experiencing a wave of innovation driven by post-pandemic consumer preferences and HFSS regulations.

New brands. New flavours. New opportunities.

This innovation is influenced by adjacent sectors like Beauty, Health, and Wellness. Brands such as Mindright offer more than a healthy snack; they promote mental performance, health, and wellbeing. This shift reflects a broader trend towards benefit-led snacking, where consumers seek taste, function, and benefits in one.

Enter Trü Frü, the ultimate permissible indulgence. Made from fresh fruit that is hyper-chilled or hyper-dried and coated in chocolate or yogurt, Trü Frü boasts simple ingredients, great flavours, and a strong social media presence. This unique approach has garnered a cult following, leading to its acquisition by Mars in 2022.

The snacking category is evolving, merging taste with health benefits and opening new doors for innovative brands.

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