For at least the last 10 years that I have been with HMc, we have pondered how best to communicate the depth of our work in an appropriate format for the public domain.

Projects are often highly confidential, require a degree of verbal explanation, or have run their course well before final executions are developed.

The work itself is so varied, and so unconstrained that it’s hard to distil down everything we do and clearly communicate it to new clients and colleagues alike.

This combination of limitations presents a unique challenge… How to capture the spirit of richer brand thinking, without being able to show exactly what goes into the recipe.


After nearly 12 months of conceptual thinking, creative development, and copywriting, our new website is here and we couldn’t be more excited to share it!

The new identity, which we have titled ‘Hidden Depths’ is a visual metaphor for the way that our tools and techniques bring into focus what is often obscured, just out of view. Uncovering deeper motivations, unearthing stories, redefining experiences, and unlocking commercial potential is all referenced within this abstract concept.

The photography and film that we have produced has a distinctive quality to it. The subject matter is varied, yet each image invites the viewer to look closer, to reconcile its relation and relevance to the written content. Splashes of vibrant orange and teal jump out from the intense blackness and are an instantly recognisable beacon when scrolling through your news feed. The moodiness of the imagery is counterbalanced with sharp typography, bringing clarity to the intent and weight to the message.

Let us know if you think we’ve captured the magic, or drop us a line if you too are wondering how to unlock the potential of your project or brand.