" ` RICHER BRANDS: BBC | Haines McGregor

This week we chose one of the UK’s best-known brands to put under our Richer Brands spotlight, the BBC. There is no doubt that this is a much-loved institution but 1 year away from its centenary, both the present and the future of the brand, provoked quite a bit more debate than we might have thought. Here are some of the questions we raised.

🔸 Does it still have the whiff of superiority, ‘Auntie knows best’ and the Reithian tradition?

🔸 Is the BBC attracting and retaining a younger audience, with so many media channels available, or is it becoming more entrenched in an older franchise?

🔸 Do we know what it stands for, or do we still think ‘Inform, Educate and Entertain’?

🔸 What is their track record on contemporary issues such as diversity?

🔸 How have they responded to ‘Me too’?

🔸 Can they justify the licence fee, and should it not be a civil matter, rather than a criminal offence, not to have one?

Let us know your thoughts. Is the BBC likely to be here 100 years from now?