" ` Richer Brands: Cities | Haines McGregor

As we emerge from home internment, our thoughts turn to holidays and where we might go. Cities are becoming increasingly brand like and like product brands, they need to offer a rich experience. Using London as an example, here are 7 things that a city can do to enrich the experience:

🔸 SOUND. Enjoy a performance. Buskers are to be found everywhere, many of them professional musicians.

🔸 SCENT. Try Kew Gardens in late Summer or Floris in Jermyn street, with their little cloches of fragrance for you to sniff.

🔸 MOVEMENT. From the iconic buses to Santander Cycles, the options are endless to be on the go.

🔸 SIGHT. The London Eye, The Stone Gallery in St Pauls and The Greenwich Observatory are among just some of the hundreds of viewpoints in London, I would recommend.

🔸 TOUCH. Treat yourself to a picnic in Regents Park ahead of the open air theatre, or go barefoot in any one of an amazing collection of parks.

🔸 RITUAL. Go view the tourist favourite of the changing of the guard, or try Tate Late, currently London’s most visited attraction.

🔸 TASTE. From pop ups to hotels and New English to North Africa, there are amongst the best restaurants in the world to be found in the capital.