" ` Richer Brands: IKEA | Haines McGregor

IKEA may be best known for flat pack furniture and Swedish meatballs, but in unpacking their positioning, there is an undeniable richness running through its core.

While for some the everyday may feel uninspiring, IKEA embraces the mundane and encourages consumers to revel in it; whether it’s a better nights sleep, a simple yet aesthetic storage solution, or keeping the little ones occupied while cooking dinner.

The Wonderful Everyday is an ever-present creative platform, with it’s message running through the heart of furniture ranges, activations, community engagements and advertising, as well as influencing sustainable innovations to make your home, and the planet, a happier place.

Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, once said: ‘No method is more effective than the good example’, and very few brands set a better example than IKEA.