" ` Richer Brands: LEGO | Haines McGregor

LEGO is never far from marketing news; today it’s the world’s most valuable toy brand after humble beginnings in a carpenter’s workshop. But what makes it a Richer Brand?

It’s the consistent commitment to a clear purpose (‘Inspiring the Builders of Tomorrow’) whilst constantly adapting to keep that purpose relevant and meaningful:

🔸The WHO: From a focus on 1-11y/o boys, to reflecting and catering for the full extent of their tribe – the expanding product range has something for everyone. Adults included.

🔸The WHY: From ‘assembly’ to ‘creativity’, what building really means has evolved – it’s now about endless possibility, as seen in their ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign and innovations bridging digital/physical worlds.

🔸The WHAT: From trying to do everything (see an unsuccessful foray into theme parks) to sticking to what they’re best at – today LEGO deploys a partnership model, collaborating with other big-hitters like Disney, Adidas, IKEA, as a lower-risk route to new audiences.

And all of this is underpinned by the brand’s powerfully distinctive visual identity, where just one glimpse of a minifigure’s yellow hand says it all.