" ` Richer Brands: Lewis Road Creamery | Haines McGregor

In a recent trip home to New Zealand, I was reminded of some of the great work FMCG brands there are doing. In particular, local dairy brand Lewis Road Creamery who continually demonstrate what it takes to build richness into your brand:

🔸 Having an emotive positioning that’s backed up by substance and products that are demonstrably better quality.

🔸 Having a deep understanding of their audience which is evident in their ability to generate genuine desire through new product innovation, equity building partnerships and consistent design.

🔸 Taking responsibility and action about the environmental challenges that face the industry globally and in doing so build trust with consumers.

As someone who’s one of those really ambiguous, meat free one-day, sometimes veggie, trying to do better flexitarians (cringe), I think that there’s something really interesting in the shift towards quality dairy over quantity, as well as a focus on transparency and sustainability that Lewis Road Creamery really nail.