" ` Richer Brands: Rains | Haines McGregor

I’ve always loved the simple and straightforward nature of Rains as a brand and I think that’s where their richness as a brand comes from.

🔸 They have an emotive positioning and a clear, consistent message: To reclaim rainy days. This is backed up by the way in which they design their products, prioritising qualities like timelessness, simplicity and great performance.

🔸 Their look and feel and tone of voice are consistent across all touch-points, which together with their strong social media presence drives recognisability and engagement with consumers.

🔸 They give great importance to having ethical production processes and mindful manufacturing principles in place, whilst offering longevity in their products and prolonging their lifespan.

As someone that grew up in the (mostly) sunny Venezuela, brands like Rains make it really easy to navigate the requirements of Europe’s and the UK’s often drizzly weather, offering full protection without leaving great design as an afterthought.