" ` Richer Brands: Strava | Haines McGregor

Strava is a brand that is continually playing to its strengths. As a social media platform they have the benefit of innovation in many areas and the data they collect on users means they’re able to learn lots and adapt quickly.

So, what makes them a richer brand?

🔸 Strava completely understands their tribe and what makes them tick, targeting individuals that are competition hungry and love the outdoors. A motivation that stretches age, gender, and nationality.

🔸 It’s a social network that celebrates competition. The platform allows people to compete with themselves and other users, which means there is an incentive to continually log their progress.

🔸Finally, Strava partners with many other fitness brands which enables them to grow their audience and stay currently relevant without changing the brand’s DNA.

As a runner and cyclist I love using the app as it allows me to see my progress and achievements which then drives me to do more. Over the last year, Strava has seen a huge increase in users and given many people something to focus on amidst all the madness.