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Bottling Parisian Playfulness

How can you capture the spirit, the essence, the beauty of Paris in just one sip? 

1664 Blanc wanted to bottle the playful elegance of Paris to become a global signpost for the City of Light. We created a positioning full of romance and intrigue, supported by tight and consistent brand guardrails, a clear but flexible portfolio strategy, a culturally exciting innovation pipeline and a creative platform that led to the TVC below.


Let's celebrate!

Tres Bien! The new positioning and creative platform led to +8% global volume growth across 2020, despite the pandemic, with the innovation platform soon to be rolled out.

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"HMc are a very strong strategic agency, an extended arm to my team and a trusted partner we can continuously rely on. I have found them very helpful in helping us come up with global brand guardrails aimed at elevating our brand expression. Their structured approach and vibrant creativity have shaped our thinking very well, resulting in a meaningful set of new growth for 1664 Blanc globally. "

Nikola Maravic Global Brand Director, 1664 Blanc