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Reshaping new luxury

As a new generation of luxury consumers reshaped the codes and conventions of the category, we sought to understand what their behaviours would mean for Ciroc. Out went rigid hierarchy and traditional notions of status, in came experiential, diverse and characterful expressions that aligned with this New Luxury movement. We called this Living in Colour.

"When working on the global positioning of CÎROC, HMc brought an incisive approach that merged strategy with insight and creativity. Their particular approach and creative tools led to the development of a transformative and compelling brand positioning. It helped me attain really positive internal engagement across our markets, as well as inspiring their agencies. It’s also led to a higher standard of work on the brand with a greater consistency in output across the globe. The outputs from the project went on to be used as the best practice example within the business."

Gillian Reilly Global Marketing Manager Ciroc, Diageo


Following our global repositioning work, Ciroc grew to a peak of 2.6 million cases sold worldwide, becoming one of Diageo’s fastest growing brands. Our visual planning tools went on to be used as best practice within the business; proof that bringing colour to a project engages audiences for the long-term.