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Kaiser has reigned as the undisputed king of Pilsner in Greece for over 50 years. Its striking bottle and towering glassware have placed it in a premium tier of its own within mainstream lager.

The iconic ad campaigns of the past and the strap-line; “A Beer… or a Kaiser?” are woven into the cultural psyche. As craft beer in Greece begins to build momentum, and traditional symbols of status fade, there was a need to evolve the Kaiser experience and make it relevant for today.

We built a new creative platform; “The Art of Kaiser” which established a clear connection with art, food and culture rather than just style alone. The platform celebrates fine dining and food pairing, with everything from chef ambassadors to targeting specific restaurant channels. The recommendations were wrapped up as a brand vision document to be used for agency briefings and to guide future pack design.

"I would recommend Haines McGregor to any brand owner trying to establish a clear vision for their brand. Their process is collaborative, creative and truly enjoyable. The outcomes from our work together set in motion a whole new creative campaign, digital and packaging redesign for Kaiser. Their highly-visual, strategic guidance was invaluable for briefing the whole range of agencies that we needed to deliver the newly refreshed brand experience. The end results were simply amazing!"

Georgia Askitopoulou Senior Brand Manager


The new packaging design, which was directly drawn from design inspiration in the vision document achieved outstanding results for the brand.

It scored higher on “Visibility on Shelf” and “Share of Attention” than the current design and significantly higher than all other beer brands in the market.

It went on to win the “Best Packaging” Award in Greece for 2019.

Despite COVID 19 impact, Kaiser still managed to grow market share by +0.8% in 2020!