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Somersby is one of the fastest growing ciders in the world, but its abundance of trend-led tactical variants meant it was becoming overgrown.

We shaped their short, medium and long term portfolio strategy, commercially trimming the range right back and stretching it with scalable innovation.

"I appointed HMc as the strategic innovation partner for the Somersby brand in 2018. Over the last 3 years we have built a clear strategy for how to grow the portfolio now and where to innovate in the future. Their creativity and clarity of thinking have been essential in building momentum globally, aligning and energising a growing number of markets behind a common goal. "

Pernille Arnt Somersby Global Brand Director


Somersby has achieved rapid growth since its launch in 2008. Now in 43 markets, it is one of Carlsberg Group’s fastest growing brands, outperforming overall category growth by an additional 43%.

We have now established a clear roadmap for developing the brand at a global scale, whilst retaining the agile and tactical approach that has allowed it to flourish.


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