Beam Suntory conducted a global segmentation study to
understand why and how people consume drinks across the world.

The data was complex but needed to be fully embedded and
understood across all markets. At Haines McGregor we specialise in making findings sing off the page. We captured the emotive heart of each Demand Space to excite all parties, through a series of short films and engaging toolkits. This helped teams understand how to bring their brands to life across a number of touchpoints.   

Win peoples hearts and their minds will follow.   


The toolkits and films gave teams a clear direction for managing their portfolios and translating them into every touch-point of the brand experience.

Ultimately giving Beam Suntory the tools to deliver a more compelling, consistent and memorable experience to consumers.  

"The work HMc did for us was pivotal for our organization in truly embedding our new demand space framework. Our teams were only able to fully understand the purpose of the framework after seeing the fantastic toolkits which brought the spaces to life, providing clear direction as to how to infuse the thinking into all our touchpoints; from innovation to serve strategy, communications, and everything in between. The team was delightful to work with, bringing expertise and remaining flexible and open to our questions and feedback. My only regret is that we did not engage them earlier."

Belinda Reiser Director of Insights, Beam Suntory