Like alcohol, without the alcohol

Sentia is a new to world brand set to change the game in the functional NOLO space. Bubbling with potential, this non-alcoholic spirit, developed by Prof. D. Nutt and his team of botanists and neuroscientists, offers drinkers the feeling of alcohol, without the alcohol. With so much to shout about, the brand was gathering good momentum, but was struggling to cut through to its target audience.

In a sea of new product launches we needed to dig deeper into the aspirations of our super-premium consumer. Through a compelling Creative Platform and a clear and actionable set of guidelines we defined how, when, and where the brand should show up, ensuring consistency of messaging and powerful storytelling across the marketing mix.  

"The HMc work has been fundamental to defining the Sentia creative/comms approach. We use the guardrails every week which feed through to all social feeds. The guardrails are also the basis for evolving the comms approach further; the value of which continues to deliver. All-in-all, HMc have been immensely important for professionalising this start-up."

Brendan Williams Managing Director

The result

This collaborative process united a passionate brand team behind a truly ownable creative vision for Sentia, as it continues its path to success. Combined with additional investment in the commercial marketing plan, since implementation of the guardrails net revenue has grown by 300% vs last year.